On June 27- 28, 2019, two System Integrators were met by the OIC Minister Roslaine Lidasan Macao-Maniri,CSEE, Sectoral Heads of Agency and MOTC-BARMM IT Officer as part of the plan and preparation for the full automation and take off of the Ministry and its Sectoral Offices on 2020, meetings were conducted with the PEOPLE EDGE Company and Information Technology Business Solution Corporation (ITBS) both sytems integrators on the costing of the system automation of the Sectoral Offices. The two subsequent meetings were held at Metro Manila. This meeting was promising as it discloses better future of services of the Sectoral Offices to the Bangsamoro People. Once the BARMM supports the automation of the Sectoral Offices of the Minisrty, this surely will not only triple the collections it remits but will make our services competitive and world class.