Bangsamoro Airport Authority


Director I

Powers & Functions

a. Manage, supervise, and control government airports within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, except the airside at such airports, where aircraft are controlled and navigational aids and facilities are located, which shall remain under the control and supervision of the National Government;
b. Upon close consultation with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), promulgate rules and regulations to promote safety and security in civil aviation in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, which shall be consistent with existing laws and international regulations and standards;
c. Fix and collect reasonable fees and charges for the use of the airports and related facilities under its control and supervision, as well as for its services;
d. Recommend to the CAAP the designation and establishment of airways between airports within and outside the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region;
e. Monitor private airport operations within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region and extend technical assistance, upon request;
f. Maintain and operate aircrafts owned by the Bangsamoro Government;
g. Design, construct, maintain, and repair airports in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in accordance with national standards set by the CAAP;
h. Enforce RA 776 and other air transportation laws, rules, and regulations and, upon observance of due process, impose penalties for violations thereof; provided that, on appeal, the President of the Philippines shall cause the CAAP to review the findings and conclusions of the CAAB and to make recommendations relative thereto; and
i. Perform such functions related to civil aviation as may be provided by law or higher authorities.