Muhammad M. Galo

Director I

Powers & Functions

a. Regulate the activities of air carriers, air freight forwarders, ticket sales agents, and cargo sales agents operating in the BARMM, consistent with existing laws;
b. Issue Certificate of Public Convenience to all private commercial airlines and air freight and air cargo companies engaged in the commerce of air transportation in the BARMM;
c. Enforce laws, rules and regulations for the preservation and safety of life and limb and the enforcement of the rights of air travelers;
d. Determine reasonable fares, rates, and other related charges relative to the operation of air transportation services within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region;
e. Exercise quasi-judicial functions in the enforcement of public service laws on air transportation and CABB rules and regulations and impose lawful fines and penalties after due process;
f. Fix and collect reasonable fees for its services; and
g. Perform such related functions as may be provided by law or higher authorities.