The Ministry of Transportation and Communications had a New Years’ Call last January 4, 2021, headed by Minister Dickson P. Hermoso who gave an honor to a new beginning and expressed his kind wishes. Eighty-three (83) employees from the different sectors of the Ministry were present during the Welcome Toast held at the Office Lobby. This activity served as a signal to start the year right by establishing rapport of camaraderie among the workforce.
New Year’s call is a long-established tradition of uniformed personnel in the country. It signifies the renewal of commitment and confidence of the subordinates to their leader.
This Year, Minister Hermoso expressed his optimism with regards to the reform of the Ministry. “This New Year’s call we welcome a new chapter of opportunities and possibilities as we actively work together to implement transformation.” Minister Hemoso added.
The New Year’s Call will be a part of the annual tradition of the Ministry.
On the other hand, Deputy Minister Maslamama is in high hopes that amidst the crisis that we are facing the employees will still continue to become agents of change and transformation in the Bangsamoro Region.
As a symbol of unity, a ceremonial toast was done after the statements of the heads of offices.