MOTC's Finance Division conducts Workshop on Guidelines for Utilization of Fund

The Ministry's commitment to fulfilling the Chief Minister's agenda towards the Bangsamoro development and prosperity is anchored to the President's vision to a better Philippines.

The Office recognizes the need to improve its internal governance capacity, to be more effective in fulfilling its mandate and delivering its commitments to the Chief Minister. To ensure that the focus of the Finance Division is relevant, a Seminar Workshop on Guidelines for the Utilization of Sectoral Agencies Operational Fund to Fifty employees composed of MOTC Executives, Sectoral Heads, Supply, Disbursing, and finance Officers attended the said workshop at the CNX Resto and Travellers Inn, Cotabato City, February 10-11, 2022.

The activity aimed to educate the participants on the different aspects of Rules and regulations on the granting, utilization, and liquidation of Cash Advances; Reports on the operational funds, and Documentary requirements for the granting and liquidation of Cash Advances.

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 11032, otherwise known as the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, All offices and agencies which provide government services are mandated to undertake regularly cost compliance analysis, time and motion studies, undergo evaluation and improvement of their transaction systems and procedures and reengineer the same if deemed necessary to reduce bureaucratic red tape and processing time.

Cognizant to COA Circular No. 97-002 dated February 10, 1997, re: Restatement with amendments of the rules and regulations on the granting, utilization, and liquidation of cash advances provided for under COA Circular No. 90-331 dated May 3, 1990. The resort to the cash advance system, despite certain problems, has been recognized as a facilitative tool in the financial operations of the government. Therefore, there is a need to continually update the pertinent regulations to provide efficient and effective control over the granting, utilization, and liquidation of cash advances is so required.

From these parameters, the participants will understand the guidelines to utilize their operational fund to effectively manage and control disbursements which would significantly enhance the efficiency of operations and improve organizational outcomes that may result in the achievement of their goals.