MOTC’s Children’s Night spreads joy to Bangsamoro youth

Apr 5, 2024

Today, April 5, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) organized a symposium with the theme “The Journey of Faith: Deepening Spiritual Resilience in Ramadhan” at the City Mall Convention Hall, Cotabato City.

The symposium aimed to provide attendees with a platform to enhance their understanding of the significance of Ramadhan and strengthen their spiritual resolve. Sheikh Khairuddin A. Midtimbang, the resource speaker, shared insights on faith, resilience, and the importance of community support during this sacred month.

Furthermore, the symposium is tailored to enhance employees’ spiritual resilience, empowering them to become proponents of Moral Governance.

As the symposium concluded, participants expressed gratitude for the enriching experience and pledged to apply the newfound insights in their personal and professional lives.