MOTC, MTIT, MAFAR, BPDA meet with MinDa to ensure BARMM’s active participation in BIMP-EAGA Projects

BARMM’s four (4) ministries with their respective ministers and representatives namely, Minister Dickson P. Hermoso (MOTC), Minister Abu Amri Taddik (MTIT), Minister Mohammad Suhaib Yacob (MAFAR), Bureau Director Melanie Indar (BPDA)with Mindanao Development Authority Undersecretary Janet M. Lopoz, Executive Director OED, MinDa, Director Romeo M. Montenegro, Diector IV, IPPAO, Minda, and Assistant Secretary Renato Pedro Villa of DFA Mindanao, converge in a breakthrough meeting at Roofdeck Pryce Tower Building, Bajada, Davao City just this March 29, 2022 since for the last three (3) years there has been no coordination among government agencies.

Here are some salient points among others that are clarified during the meeting:
1. There are many prospects for collaboration with MinDa to help BARMM pursue its development agenda
2. BIMP-EAGA Vision 2025 Institutional Structure

The following are the agreements reached during the meeting:
1. MinDa will be given time to present in the next BEDC meeting
2. MinDa to hold bilateral meetings with the BARMM ministries and agencies involved in BIMP-EAGA
3. JICA presents Halal proposed micro credit program as one major component of the program

BARMM’s ministries represented
by ministers and director express their willingness and readiness to work with MinDa to pursue development and ensure BARMM’s active participation in BIMP-EAGA projects.

This is the starting point to strengthen BARMM’s engagement and participation in BIMP-EAGA with more series of meetings to follow in moving forward towards BARMM’s development.