MOTC leverages cohesion to improve company culture

The transportation ministry opened its Team Building at Dakak Park and Beach Resort, Dapitan City, February 14-18, 2024.

With the theme: Moving Forward and Overcoming Challenges Through Teamwork and Collaboration, and to thrive in a challenging and ever-changing work environment, officials and employees of the ministry and its sectoral agencies from the regional, provincial, and district offices came together to create friendship and camaraderie, develop open communication, to foster a cohesive culture of excellence through teamwork.

The annual 3rd Recognition of Men and Women Employees aimed to strengthen ties of employees by engaging in fun, interactive activities, embark on a transformative journey and nurturing relationships where leaders recognize the unique strength of employees and support them for their endeavors to promote a culture of empathy and inclusion.

Facilitated by a team of professionals from the NBK-New Breakthrough Consultancy led by Coach and CEO Narciso Kintanar, this company aims to unleash the true potential of people to develop a new mindset poised to result in a transformative culture that can impact the overall success of the organization.