MOTC kicks off FY 2022 Strategic Cum Operational Planning Workshop

To drive towards the forward-focused vision goal of its shareholders, the MOTC launched the FY 2022 Strategic Cum Operational Planning Workshop to set the ministry's direction in the next twelve months.

This activity aimed to formulate winning strategies for specific agency goals of the ministry and craft a sound Work and Financial Plan (WFP) to map out what is hoped to be achieved in the current year. This activity was attended by the Executives, Consultants, Service Directors of Land, Water, and Air, Sector Heads, Division Chiefs, and Section Focals at the Dusit Thani Residences in Davao City from January 9–15, 2022.

In an opening message by Deputy Minister Abunawas Maslamama, he emphasized the importance of setting a coherent and realistic goal and evaluating, looking ahead, the areas and issues that need to be addressed and the methods intended to employ measurable targets toward which it will gauge its progress and for which it will be accountable.

On the other hand, Director General Atty. Roslaine Macao-Maniri gave the rationale for the strategic planning workshop by setting the mandate, vision, and mission to establish a global sense of purpose and direction to guide implementers to meticulously work on plans expected to succeed from planning to implementation and monitoring.

On the final note, Minister Dickson P. Hermoso reminded us to review the blueprint of the previous strategic plan, carry the takeaway lessons learned, and examine where the future MOTC will be for fast, efficient, reliable, and safe (FERS) delivery of transportation and communication services for the Bangsamoro