MOTC, JICA to forge alliance towards development of BARMM's transport infrastructure

Manila representatives from Pacific Consultants Co., LTD for JICA led by its Country Manager Yutaka Kokufu, PhD, and his Administrative and Operations Manager, Mary Grace A. Desusa, MBA conduct ocular site visits to the Bangsamoro’s primary sea and air gateways in BARMM region, namely, Polloc Freeport & Ecozone, Cotabato Port, Timaco Port and Cotabato (Awang) Airport to which there is a much need for significant and fast-paced infrastructure improvements on March 23, 2022.

During the visit, the consultants for JICA, along with MOTC personnel, visit candidate sites for the project improvement and discuss grant infrastructure and future potential collaboration in the areas towards development of seaports and airports in the region. This visit aims to assess BARMM’s seaports’ and airports’ infrastructure and facility needs since the focus of JICA’s development projects is geared towards the seaports and airports in BARMM region.

Building alliances and partnerships with key stakeholders is one of the 10-point agenda of Minister Dickson P. Hermoso. Thus, the Japanese aid agency expresses support and willingness to develop BARMM’s gateways to economic growth and stability. The ministry is one of its targets to be a partner in improving transport infrastructure.