MOTC condems Maguindanao bus bombing

Apr 25, 2022

MOTC condems Maguindanao bus bombing

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications-BARMM expresses deep sorrow over the bombing of a passenger bus in Parang, Maguindanao, on Sunday morning that resulted in the wounding of at least four civilian passengers.

The MOTC strongly condemns the incident in a statement made on Sunday by Minister Dickson P. Hermoso. He releases a statement immediately to express support for all measures it takes to maintain security and stability in the transportation system in the Bangsamoro Region.

“…We are certain that the perpetrators will be caught and made to answer for their evil act as we express our belief and faith in the strong resolve and efficiency of the security sector. We are also certain that this is just a temporary setback in our march to development and peace.” This was part of the statement issued by Minister Hermoso.

“Ministry shall not be deterred as it reaffirms its commitment to work even harder towards a fast, efficient, reliable, and safe transportation system, especially in BARMM,” the Minister’s affirmation statement.

The Ministry’s thoughts go to the victims’ families and all who remain in harm’s way. Thus, the ministry is still on track to consolidating the gains of peace and development achieved in recent years for a tougher Bangsamoro Region in collaboration with different key actors involved in transportation and communications to provide better and safer mobility for Bangsamoro constituents.

Photo| Ferdinandh Cabrera