MOTC boosts productive social inclusion of services during the celebration of the 5th BFD

Jan 26, 2024

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications MOTC, through its 7 attached agencies, offered an array of services to boost the productive social inclusion of services that create value for its stakeholders during the celebration of the BFD24.

Since the regional and provincial kick-off of the 5th Bangsamoro Foundation Day, sectoral agencies have devoted themselves to conducting activities that pleased the needs of diverse stakeholders in their local communities.

During the weeklong event, the BAA conducted a Clean-up Drive, a Business Development Forum in 3 Operational airports in BARMM, and a free eye check-up for its stakeholders and the CABB, BAA conducted a Stakeholders Consultation with stakeholders to develop an environment of trust by allowing the voices to be heard. CABB also rolled out free distribution of tokens, hygiene kits, and information materials

Meanwhile, the BLTFRB offered the Libreng Sakay for the public from specific points of origin to destinations in the provinces of BaSulTa, Maguindanao, SGA, LDS, and Cotabato and distributed t-shirts to operators and members of transport cooperatives. The BLTO conducted a moratorium on penalties for registration of vehicles and driver’s licenses in all district offices of BLTO and distributed free packed lunches to drivers and other stakeholders.

BPMA advocates a Clean-up Drive for environmental cleanliness campaign in partnership with its stakeholders in the 9 ports administered by the BPMA and the Libreng Kape to all passengers and clients of all ports, and the BMARINA offered an exclusive promotional discount on Bangkang De-Motor for fisherfolks.

BTC offered a hassle-free SIM card and Registration Process consultation of its Services, Registration of Radio Operators Certificates, Radio Station claims, RLM and SROP seminars, and complimentary free snacks.

Minister Tago, in his message, stated that the BARMM government is bringing the weeklong celebration to the region’s provinces to foster patriotism and pride among the Bangsamoro people in localities, reminding them of the sacrifices that led to the creation of BARMM.

“We are celebrating so that the Bangsamoro people can feel that there is an autonomous government that is now governing our area, and we must be proud of that,” he said.