DAVAO CITY—To further improve the operations of LTFRB and LTO in the BARMM, a workshop-meeting of the minds of land transportation experts happened on 2 August to identify gaps and resolve pressing issues of the said sectoral agencies.

“Obviously there is a lot of issues on the road transportation sector that we need to address with regards to licensing and franchising as well as interconnectivity of land routes. I believe issues in Mindanao can be resolved collectively here in Mindanao that is why all the officers from four regions are gathered today.” said Atty. Martin B. Delgra III, Chairman of LTFRB

” It is a good time for us to address those issues today and momentous as it is, because this is also the start of the administration of the new Bangsamoro government. In the coming days we will be able to work closely and in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of BARMM in which the region’s LTFRB and LTO are under the said office”, Atty. Delgra added.

The uniqueness of the BARMM territory is of proximity where the five provinces of Maguindanao, Lanao Del Sur, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi including Cotabato City and the 63 Barangay of North Cotabato are located in separate parts of Mindanao. The peculiarity of porous borders in the island provinces of BASULTA makes it all the more challenging in terms of monitoring.

Newly installed MOTC-BARMM Minister Dickson Hermoso said, “the key to all these issues is our constant engaging with national and neighboring regional offices. My utmost gratitude to all officers of the land transportation sector gathered today for a healthy discussions and learning process in order to help promote BARMM as a prime destination.”

“This convergence is indeed timely amidst the many issues we need to hurdle in our pursuit to improve the status of Public Land Transport in the BARMM which will be given an added boost” Minister Hermoso conveyed.

Representatives from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) were also invited as to address once and for all the entertwined issues and concerns in dealing with the issuance of driver’s license.

Upgrade on driver’s license digital processing thru fast internet connectivity in order to curb “under the table” corruption was also given emphasis during the workshop.

The usage of Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) such as passenger vans plying along and within BARMM and to other regional routes were also discussed to address the safety, services and comfortability the riding public.

In terms of licensing and franchising, for those who are traversing locally (intra-regional) within BARMM, can be made locally, but for those plying to other regions (inter-regional), franchising can be processed locally but the approval will be in the national office.

Modernization on public transportation was also highlighted as to give upgraded services deserving to the Filipino riding public.

The turn-over of LTFRB regional office 12 inside the BARMM compound was also tackled and due deligence will be made by the LTFRB main office and LTFRB BARMM in order to resolve it by signing a memorandum of agreement.

Details on routes jurisdiction and inter-operability of the said agencies will be done in a gradual manner while the BARMM is undergoing re-structuring process.