Sep 30, 2019

KORONADAL CITY— In order to clear up operational concerns on land transport sector particularly the issuance of driver’s license as well as the registration of vehicles within the Bangsamoro Region, MOTC-BARMM Minister Dickson P. Hermoso along with the BARMM LTO Officer-In-Charge Yosuff Awah, initiated a courtesy visit to LTO 12 Regional Director Macario Gonzaga in this city last 5 August, 2019.

The LTO and LTFRB in the Bangsamoro area are still within the operational control of Region 12 offices. There has been no devolution of powers yet from Region 12 to BARMM because there was no executive order that has been issued. Both agencies have maintained their respective offices within the BARMM compound.

“I think we have to discuss the devolution of power with the national office. We have to reconcile also the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) with the national Law. For me, there are no worries if there is already a law. We just have to define our policy first to have a smooth transition to BARMM.” LTO 12 Regional Director Gonzaga said.

“We will follow the directive from the higher office. Like soldiers we will just follow orders. There should be an executive order to make it clearer.“ Director Gonzaga added.

For his part, Robert R. Kiunisala, LTO 12 Assistant Regional Director said, “National office is the policy making body, so we have to wait for them, they might issue a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or perhaps an Executive Order to iron things out.“

“There should be devolution of government agencies to BARMM because of the Republic Act 11054 (BOL). However, during the time of ARMM there was no full devolution and there was no implementing law that was passed by previous Regional Legislative Assembly (RLA) “Minister Dickson Hermoso said.

“In order to address all the issues and concerns with the transport sector in the Bangsamoro government, our direction is to have full automation in our operations in the BARMM”. Hermoso added.
LTO Region 12 still oversees parts of Maguindanao, Cotabato City, parts of Lanao Del Sur like Marawi city, Wao and some eastern towns of Lanao Del Sur. However, LTO operation in Malabang has already been shut down.

Both Regional Director Gonzaga and MOTC-BARMM Minister Hermoso have agreed that they will form a technical working group to talk about the details of gradual transition of powers from Regional office 12 to BARMM.

On the part of LTFRB 12, the devolution of powers to BARMM has already been discussed during the coordination meeting-workshop happened in Davao last 2 August with the LTFRB Chairman Atty. Martin B. Delgra III together with all the regional directors within Mindanao.

The gradual transition will start at the middle part of this month and to jump-start with the turn-over of LTRB-12 facilities to the BARMM.

LTFRB 12 Director Paterno Reynato R. Padua said, “We will confirm the date of the said turn-over of facilities and the transfer of use and maintenance of the said building, in other words, usufruct.”