MOTC acts as lead ministry in 2021, Shariff Kabunsuan Festival Fluvial Parade

Dec 19, 2021

MOTC acts as lead ministry in 2021, Shariff Kabunsuan Festival Fluvial Parade

Two hundred personnel of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)-BARMM led by Minister Dickson P. Hermoso witnessed the grandiose, festive, and colorful activities of Shariff Kabunsuan Festival Fluvial Parade for 2021.

The highlight of the weeklong celebration is the Fluvial Parade (Guinakit) that commemorates the arrival of Shariff Mohammad kabunsuan, an Islamic Missionary who entered the Rio Grande de Mindanao in 1520. Through him, the religious and political identity of the Islam came into existence. The Fluvial Parade is a reenactment of his coming in mainland Mindanao 500 years ago.

The MOTC personnel dressed in Muslim attire were assembled at the bank of Tamontaka River 7:00 A.M. December 19, 2021, Sunday to witness the said celebration. The journey sets off at Tamontaka River, where colorfully decorated motor vessels are afloat in the waterway as it is ready to display the best of its designs and artworks for judging. Each competing ministry had its best fluvial preparations to gain the prizes at stake to include MOTC. The colors depict the diverse identity, history, and heritage of the Moro as the champion of having a distinct culture in any part of the country.

Meanwhile, The MOTCs responsibility involves planning, execution, and supervision of the water parade, to secure and ensure synchronization of the movement of all participating ministries in a Guinakit or convoy of bancas along the bank of the river and to provide maritime safety and security during the event.

While, the BPMA and BMARINA are sectoral offices of MOTC, these sectors spearheaded the inter-ministry coordination of the activities of the fluvial parade in Bai walk to the Grand Mosque Cotabato City.