LTO XII-Cotabato City District Office and Licensing Center turns over Assets and Properties to BLTO-MOTC BARMM

In line with the Memorandum of Agreement signed Last March 27, 2021, with Intergovernmental Relations Body (IGRB) Secretary Domingues and the BARMM government, the law under 11054 took effect after a year of continuous negotiation between Bangsamoro and the National Government. Finally, the day marked an event of completion as it reaped its aspiration when the Cotabato Regional District Office and Licensing Center was successfully turned over to BARMM in a ceremony at the CRDO’s lobby 4:pm, Thursday.
Minister Dickson P. Hermoso from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications-BARMM with Anwar A. Upahm, Chief of the Bangsamoro Land Transportation Office (BLTO) along, with the consultants and Regional Director of the Land Services, Office heads, and its rank-and-file personnel of the MOTC witnessed the Transfer of Assets and Properties from CRDO formally turned over by Region XII Director Macario D. Gonzaga of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) based in Koronadal City.
In his message, Minister Hermoso said that there will be a new landscape in the BARMM as BLTO-BARMM is now operational. BLTO district offices in Lanao, Wao, and Maguindanao are to follow to bring the services closer to the people.
He also emphasized the cry for moral governance and committed to providing services guided by the ethical standard of law enforcement.
Further, he said that in the interest of efficient public service delivery, the office is imposing an automated system provided by STRADCOM for professional and non-professional licensing to ensure that registration irregularities are not in the business practice.
Though this may bring hiatus as a result of the transition, the reorganization with a view to a shift of personnel from CRDO to BLTO, Minister Hermoso assured in welcoming the employees of Region XII to be part of BLTO BARMM personnel should they be interested to apply provided however they pass the qualification standard raised by the Civil Service Commission.
Finally, He thanked the assistance and support of the LTO National, Regions XII, and XI for the collaboration efforts to bring this aspiration and reality to the Bangsamoro people.