CABB-BARMM ensures excellent transition outcome; undertakes on-site training

Oct 23, 2021

CABB-BARMM ensures excellent transition outcome; undertakes on-site training

To ensure excellent transition outcome, the Civil Aeronautics Board of the Bangsamoro under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications-BARMM initiates Three-day On-site Training at the facility of its national counterpart, the Civil Aeronautics Board of the Philippines, from Nov 22 to 25, 2021, held at Pasay, Metro Manila.

This training offers clear benefits and allows the participants to gain experience working in situations very similar to those they will encounter as they carry out the office’s mandate based on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) in the Bangsamoro Region.

CABB Chief Muhammad M. Galo expresses his gratitude to the office’s national counterpart for upholding their sworn in providing the necessary support and extending overwhelming assistance to their personnel’s capacity development. “To everyone who is part of this On-Site Training, I wholeheartedly thank you and express my gratitude. Every drop in the ocean counts and I would never forget those who helped our office sail through this transition,” he said.

This activity is in line with what was agreed in the MOA signed by DOTr and MOTC, in which the national counterpart will have to train the office in preparation for the complete assumption of powers and functions. In addition, it is based on the need for staff to work autonomously.

MOTC Minister Dickson P. Hermoso graces the closing program and reminds the participants of the real essence of this milestone.”Let me finish by saying that you all have worked hard, but in fact, the real work only starts now. This is the beginning of our concerted efforts to work together with our partners to support the capacity needs of promoting transport connectivity in the Bangsamoro,” he said.

CABB Chief Transportation Regulation Officer Muhammad M. Galo, Senior Transportation Regulation Officers Myriah L. Macao and Abdel Nazeef D. Alangca, Transportation Regulation Officers II Irene Mae P. Mandi, and Jalaine D. Sampaco go through the said training.