BTC Commission en banc convenes for the first time

Jan 10, 2023

COTABATO CITY – With the completion of the Bangsamoro Telecommunications Commission en banc, all its members convened for the first-time last December 2022 to discuss the proposed Internal Rules of Procedures (IRP) and the utilization of the 40% trust fund allocation pursuant to the Bangsamoro Administrative Code No 13, Title XV, Chapter 4, Section 35.

In his opening message, Commissioner Muhammad Ameen M. Abbas expressed his delight as the en banc has finally completed its members and can convene and pass pertinent resolutions that will strengthen the efforts of the Commission to serve the Bangsamoro.

With a quasi-judicial function, BTC is mandated to prescribe guidelines, rules, and regulations. Issue certificates of Public Convenience for the communication utilities and services, radio communication systems, radio and television broadcasting systems, and other similar public utilities in the Bangsamoro Region.
Deputy Commissioner Atty. Abbyr A. Nul presented the salient features of the IRP, emphasizing the relevant provisions to be considered during the conduct of the session as well as the protocols in the approval of resolutions.

Meanwhile, Engr. Omar Marzoc, the Head of the Technical Working Group of the 40% share in the revenue, presented the proposed allocation of the trust fund. He mentioned that the total amount is based on the collection of the BTC from the year 2021. The budget will focus on the improvements of the offices, personal services, and other relevant funds required.

After thorough deliberation, the commission en banc approved the resolutions adopting the Internal Rules of Procedure (IRP) and the allocation of the trust fund.

The resolution will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for endorsement to the Bangsamoro Parliament for final approval. (Raeesah M. Bantuas, BTC-BARMM)