BPMA commences its 1st Quarter Management Conference

As the Bangsamoro Ports Management Authority aims to be a responsive, productive, inclusive, and collaborative sector in maritime transport, General Manager Garib A. Abas desires to establish alignment of the sectors' goals of their plans and programs to ensure efficiency in the execution of their function. To better create an avenue to iron things out, the BPMA holds its 1st Quarter Management Conference F.Y. 2022, on March 19, 2022, at C.T. Boulevard, Zamboanga City, with the participation of BPMA Port Managers, Supervisors and the ministry focal resource persons.

The Port Management Committee Meeting is a regular activity conducted by the BPMA in support of the 10-Point Agenda of the Minister and as well as its mandate of aligning all port facilities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region as vibrant links in the nation's overall maritime transport chain as stipulated in Title XV, Chapter 4, Sec. 30, of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Act No. 13, or otherwise known as the Bangsamoro Administrative Code.

Purposely, the BPMA endeavors to renew commitments to accomplish targets, enhanced and affirmed action plans for the agency and, better cohesion amongst port officials and employees to increase employee engagement in providing quality service to port clients and partners. This conference also aims to orient the BPMA Personnel on Procurement and Budget Flow to keep up with real-time expenditures and to deliberate other issues and concerns regarding the port operations among, others.

Moreover, this elaborates orientation and onboarding of personnel to know their roles and ensure what they know to succeed. Update on Infrastructure developments, Personnel Existing and approved Positions, Revenue collections, Omnibus Rules and appointments, Other Human Resource Actions (ORA-OHRA), and the Implementation of the Budget Procurement Plan are discussed during the conference.

Moreover, in a message via zoom by the Interim Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim, he stresses out the role of the BPMA in bringing economic opportunities to the different areas in the region and in stimulating the possibilities that can help the lives of every Bangsamoro, especially in the island provinces who rely so much on ports and the opportunities it brings.

He also expressed his sincere thanks to Manager Garib Abas and the entire workforce for helping the region in bringing moral governance in place.

The presence and message of support from Minister Dickson P. Hermoso motivates the Port Managers and Supervisors present during the conference to persevere not only in the sustenance of the respective ports designated to them, but also improve what is already at hand. The minister provides for them the vision for better ports infrastructure projects, personnel development, and services to inspire them to work harder and serve better in their respective ports assignment most especially in the island provinces of BASULTA.