BMARINA-MOTC holds a ceremonial turnover of TDIF Sponsored Speedboats

Nov 22, 2023

In a momentous event organized by the Bangsamoro Maritime Industry Authority (BMARINA), a ceremonial turnover of TDIF Sponsored Speedboats took place on November 21, 2023, in front of the Bangsamoro Ports Management Authority (BPMA) Building, Rajah Tabunaway Boulevard, Cotabato City.

This project initiative was funded by 2021 Transitional Development Impact Fund (TDIF) of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao under the Office of Chief Minister Ahod Murad Ibrahim, Al-Haj, in partnership with the Office of Members of Parliament, to support the Office of MP Atty Paisalin P. Tago, Ministry of Transportation and Communications mission of providing a fast, efficient, reliable, safe movement of people, products and delivery of services.

Five (5) units of Speedboats with Suzuki outboard engines and GPS ONWA Marine Radar, sponsored by MP Abraham Burahan to the beneficiaries of the Municipality of Hadji Panglima Tahil, Sulu, and the Municipality of Pangutaran, for the provincial Government of Lanao Del Sur, was MP Musa Diamla target beneficiary, MP Nabil Tan donated for Hadji Panglima Tahil (RHU) Sulu and MP Eduardo Guerra recipient was Bantay Dagat Lusain, Kapatagan, Lanao Del Sur. The total project cost is Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos Only (P12,500.000.00) contracted under Stoneworks Specialist International Corporation.

Aiming to provide water transport vehicles with virtual aids utilizing GPS in the island spaces can be beneficial in safeguarding vessels, giving necessary assistance and support in hazardous situations such as natural disasters or other emergencies.

Meanwhile, the program commenced with the opening remarks by Director II of the Water Transportation Services and Designated Director I of the BMARINA, Atty. Abubakar Katambak stated that as the frontline of water services, he was delighted with the consideration and support extended to his office and the Bangsamoro Ports Management Authority (BPMA) as the end users to aid them in resolving some issues of monitoring vessels offshore.

Moreover, Minister Tago expressed his appreciation to the Members of the Parliament (MPs) who considered and trusted him to be part of the procurement of these speedboats. In addition, MOTC Minister Tago, Director Katambak, MP Sponsors and their representatives, and the beneficiaries executed the Signing of the Deed of Transfer and Acceptance and the turning over of the pertinent documents.

Expressions of the Sponsors’ Acceptance Messages during the ceremony symbolized a milestone in our region’s journey toward sustainable development and growth through cooperative efforts that have brought these projects to fruition, reflecting our dedication to the welfare of BARMM and its people.

Finally, the Director General Atty. Roslaine Macao-Maniri, in her concluding remarks, expressed her sincere gratitude to the Members of Parliament for their tremendous efforts and crucial contributions, which enabled their TDIF projects to be materialized. She further commended Minister Tago’s leadership and the immense impact these crafts could bring on the maritime security marshals as she advised the beneficiaries to use them for their intended purposes.