“We will use the latest technology to our own advantage in order to connect the whole of BARMM, considering that the 5 provinces are not contiguous.

However we have to make sure that the platform we are about to utilize will provide us faster inter-connectivity especially in the island provinces of Basilan,Sulu and Tawi-Tawi (BASULTA)” said MOTC-BARMM Minister Dickson Hermoso during the first coordination meeting with the heads of Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO), Regional Telecommunications Commission (RTC) Director Hamid Bayao, MOTC-BARMM Deputy Minister Von Al Haq and BARMM Cabinet Secretary Asnin Pendatu.

The said meeting was made possible and presided by BARMM Deputy Executive Secretary Abdullah “Dong” Cusain at the Badjau Hall, BARMM Main Bldg. on 30 Aug. 2019.