2 maiden vessels get ‘satisfactory ratings’ from BMARINA

Apr 14, 2022

2 maiden vessels get ‘satisfactory ratings’ from BMARINA

The Bangsamoro Maritime Industry Authority (BMARINA) of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications-BARMM inspects two newly acquired vessels for ship accreditation before their debut in the Bangsamoro Region held at Varadero de Cawit Zamboanga City on April 12, 2022.

The M/V Island Paradise, and M/V Moro Liner are two newly acquired vessels that need to undergo a full inspection and ship survey and must get passing remarks to obtain necessary certificates and permits to operate in BARMM from the BMARINA.

Thus, after the assessment, both vessels get satisfactory rates for their hull construction materials, engine and propelling capabilities, and maritime efficiency. These properties, along with the issuance of necessary licenses and permits from BMARINA, are the bases for their maiden voyage.

The Inspection team from the Office is composed of the following, BMARINA Regional Head Alonto A. Sahiron, BMARINA-Basilan Provincial Office Head Mannan H. Haman, Khalid H. Dapilin, SHOS II, and Nadar A. Sabtalin, SHOS I.