Optimizing Communication and Data Management: MOTC’s Directive for Enhance Record-Keeping

Jun 11, 2024

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) is poised to streamline its communication flow and data tracking system with a renewed focus on efficiency and accountability. The primary objective is to enhance the tracking and record-keeping of pertinent MOTC documents and communications. In pursuit of this goal, all offices within the ministry, including sectors, sections, and unit heads, have been directed to nominate their designated focal persons responsible for records management.

This directive underscores MOTC’s commitment to maintaining transparency and orderliness in its operations. By centralizing records management responsibilities through designated focal persons, the ministry aims to ensure consistent and systematic handling of documents and communications across all departments.

The implementation of this orientation marks a significant step forward in MOTC’s efforts to modernize its administrative processes. By leveraging a structured approach to communication flow and data tracking, MOTC is better equipped to respond promptly to inquiries, retrieve information efficiently, and uphold compliance standards.

Ultimately, this initiative is designed to foster greater accountability, integrity, and effectiveness within MOTC’s operations, ultimately benefiting both the organization and the public it serves.

In a proactive measure to prepare designated focal persons for their roles, a simulation activity was conducted. This simulation aimed to provide practical exposure to real scenarios and challenges, enabling the focal persons to apply their knowledge and skills in contexts that mirror future professional management and practice. Through such initiatives, MOTC endeavors to equip its workforce with the necessary tools and experiences to effectively fulfill their responsibilities in maintaining the integrity and security of MOTC documents and communications.