Oplan Hajj Send-off at Awang Airport Honors Bangsamoro Culture

May 24, 2024

May 24, 2024 – The Oplan Hajj ceremonial send-off ceremony held at Awang Airport in Maguindanao, facilitated by various authorities led by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Director General Roslaine Macao Maniri along with the management and staff of the Bangsamoro Airport Authority, Civil Aeronautics Board of the Bangsamoro, Bangsamoro Land Transportation Office Joint Task Force for Oplan Hajj, Bangsamoro Security Intelligence Service (BSIS), National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, and Ministry of Health, marks a significant event in the lives of 394 Muslim pilgrims embarking on their journey to Mecca which will fly in batches until May 30, 2024.

This ceremonial send-off, graced by service directors from land, water, and air transport sectors, symbolizes the collaborative effort of multiple agencies to ensure a smooth and safe pilgrimage experience for Filipino Muslims.

The ceremonial send-off not only underscores the religious importance of the Hajj but also highlights the commitment of government agencies to support and facilitate this sacred journey.

The Bangsamoro region, with its rich Islamic heritage, holds a special significance for Filipino Muslims undertaking the Hajj pilgrimage.

Moreover, beyond the logistical arrangements, the Oplan Hajj ceremonial send-off manifests unity and solidarity within the Bangsamoro community. It reflects a shared dedication to upholding cultural traditions and religious practices while fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among Filipino Muslims.

As pilgrims bid farewell to their loved ones and embark on this spiritual odyssey, they carry with them the prayers and aspirations of their community, embodying the spirit of faith, perseverance, and resilience.