MOTC Seals Deals for Crucial Infrastructure Initiatives

May 24, 2024

The recent signing of contract agreements by procuring entities with the MOTC Minister Paisalin P. Tago, CPA, marks significant strides in infrastructure development across various remote municipalities in the BARMM. One notable contract, identified by Contract ID 24SDF0004, entails the construction of the River Landing at Gambar, Mother Kabuntalan, Maguindanao, with a substantial budget of Php 18,599,349.81. Awarded to Arge Construction and Supply, located at H.K. Doton Street, Poblacion 3, Cotabato City, this project underscores the commitment to enhancing local infrastructure to benefit communities and bolster economic growth.

In addition, Contract ID 24SDF0002 highlights the construction of the River Landing at Libungan, Torreta Pigcawayan, SGA, with a budget cost of Php 18,496,500.00. Entrusted to Stoneline Construction, located in Tanghal Subdivision, Bagua II, Cotabato, this project aims to improve local waterways, benefiting residents and ecosystems. These contract signings reflect a concerted effort to address infrastructure needs, fostering sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of the area.

Furthermore, another vital endeavor, is the construction of the Operational Area Perimeter Fence with Gate at Jolo Port, amounting to Php 17,860,782.99. Awarded to CLA Construction Incorporated, based in Blk.3, Lot 10, HB Homes Subd Sinunuc, Zamboanga City, this initiative is poised to enhance security and operational efficiency at the port, thereby facilitating smoother trade and logistics operations in the region. Such endeavors exemplify the government’s dedication to advancing infrastructure in key areas across the Bangsamoro region.