MOTC-BARMM Officials Extends Warm Farewell to Hajj Pilgrims, Emphasizing Unity and Support

Jun 5, 2024

Minister Atty Paisalin P. Tago, alongside Deputy Minister Muhammad Ameen Abbas, MP Atty Jose Iribani Lorena, visited Jolo Airport to bid farewell to pilgrims departing from the province of Sulu and to extend heartfelt gratitude for their Hajj journey, (being one of the five mandatory pillars of Islam), to the house of Allah SWT in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the significance of their spiritual endeavor.

This initiative extends across various airports in the BARMM region and to Davao, General Santos, and Laguindingan airports.

The Executive Officials’ visit underscored the government’s commitment to fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities within the BARMM region demonstrating care and support for citizens undertaking a significant religious journey, which can bolster their credibility and strengthen relationships with various communities, fostering goodwill and positive perceptions.

By personally seeing off the departing pilgrims, Minister Tago, DM Abbas, and MP Lorena demonstrate a dedication to ensuring the welfare and well-being of every citizen, irrespective of their religious affiliation. Their presence conveyed appreciation for the pilgrims’ sacred voyage and emphasized the importance of empathy and cooperation in building a harmonious society.

This compassionate gesture of executive officials exemplifies the power of solidarity and empathy in bridging divides and nurturing a sense of togetherness among diverse communities supporting the spirit of brotherhood, unity, and equality, the sacred event of Hajj brings together Muslims from all over the world.

By ensuring pilgrims’ well-being and safety during their journey, leaders fulfill their duty to protect and serve their constituents, promoting public trust and confidence in their leadership.