Key Projects Shaping Infrastructure, Highlights Regional Development Initiatives

Jun 13, 2024

Amidst the backdrop of urgent infrastructure needs, a critical project emerged that resulted in the significant MOA signing for the Installation of Solar Street Lights at Cotabato Awang Airport under contract ID 241GAAB00004, worth 4,107,356.80, led by Sicario Builders with office address at 0036 Ceanuri Village, Camague, Toninobo, Iligan City. Funded under the General Appropriations Act of the Bangsamoro, this project, along with a Water Facility Construction Project worth 4,049,091.57 awarded under the same contractor, signifies a crucial step towards demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive infrastructure enhancement.

An additional noteworthy undertaking unfolds with the contract signing of the construction of a Water Facility at Sanga-Sanga Airport, designated under Contract Number 241GAAB0001, valued at 4,552,037.27. This significant initiative has been entrusted to Maryam Aisha Construction, represented by Mohzimar B. Balang, with an office address at Nurby Subdivision, Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City, and stands poised to embark on this pivotal project.

Moreover, the Construction of a Security Fence at Sanga-Sanga Airport, as per Contract Number 241GAAB002, tendered at Php 3,632,990.08, has been granted to Musain Corporation, led by Renier Musain. The corporation’s headquarters is at 9D Blue Shark Trading Building, Mayor Jaldon Street, Canelar, Zamboanga City.

Furthermore, the renewal of the security services contract with Mega Moon Security and Investigation Services, under Atty. Joseph Go Jr. signifies a continued commitment to safeguarding assets and ensuring safety within the community. With its office at Puretan Building, 202 Sinsuat Avenue, Rosary Heights 10, Cotabato City, Mega Moon Security has consistently demonstrated professionalism and reliability in its operations. This renewal not only underscores the trust and confidence in their services but also reflects the ongoing dedication to maintaining a secure environment for all stakeholders involved.

The long-awaited Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been officially signed by the procuring entities, marking a significant milestone in the Construction of the River Landing at Buliok, Pagalungan Maguindanao. This pivotal project, awarded under Contract Number CN 245SDF001, is entrusted to Megablue Konstak Corporation, represented by Mohiden Banto at DR 7 3/F Ebro Dakudao Building, San Pedro Street, Davao City.

These MOAs not only solidify the partnership between stakeholders but also herald a new era of development and progress for the region.