Exploring possibilities of a collaborative enterprises – ManCom unveils Strategic Direction

May 9, 2024

In a bid to streamline decision-making processes and enhance organizational efficiency, management committee meetings have emerged as pivotal arenas where high-level strategies are devised and critical decisions are made.

These sessions served as a basis for steering organizations toward their overarching goals while ensuring alignment with their core missions. With an emphasis on effective management practices, these gatherings of MOTC Executive Officials, Sector, and Section Heads are instrumental in charting the course for success and upholding governance standards held at Mallberry Suites and Business Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City, May 8-11, 2024.
Furthermore, executive committee meetings provided a strategic direction, monitoring performance metrics and mitigating risks to safeguard the organization’s integrity and uphold moral governance principles.

To foster collaboration and synergy across various sectors within ministries, joint executive and management committee meetings have gained traction. These collaborative forums aim to synchronize efforts, harmonize strategies, and address challenges encountered during the implementation of plans, programs, and activities.

By fostering an environment of cooperation and information sharing, these joint sessions aimed to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately driving the organization towards its goals with collective momentum.